Be creative and cut your way to a great career.

Hairstyling and hairdressing is not something that just anyone can do. To most, it is considered a fine art. It’s one of the most glamorous careers around, and the industry is growing by the day. The fashion industry offers great stability when it comes to a career in hair.

What is a redCHOCOLATE™ colorist?

redCHOCOLATE™ is the new approach to hair color education—an intelligent upgrade to the status quo, created under the belief that a hair colorist is not only an artist, but also a professional. And part of being a professional means knowing that creativity and business are not necessarily mutually exclusive. redCHOCOLATE’s™ multidimensional educational experience puts the two together. This connects the art and business of color, and paves the way for creativity that drives amazing and successful results.

Make sure all of your ducks are in a row.

More important than anything else, is going to be the education you receive. You will be required to have your high school degree. This is why this career field can be so fierce for competition.

Taking a simple hair styling course to get started is acceptable. You will learn how to do a scalp treatment, braiding, finger waving, learning more about the pH scale, and more. Once you have a simple degree, you can go from there.

Your main goal is to make people feel good about themselves by working with their hair. You will have a lot of direct interaction with customers, so you absolutely must be a people person.

You need initiative, skills, and a zest for industriousness.

After a degree, comes training in a salon setting. After training, comes interning. After interning, comes a job. This can take several months, but it is worth it. For anyone who wants it, opportunities will arise for you. If you are strong, innovative and aggressive enough, you will do just fine. Don’t set your standards too low. Know your worth, shoot for the stars, and you’ll do great!

We know that it is much more than hair!

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