Level 4 Hair Stylist

When you meet the bouncy ball full of energetic light that is Elle, you instantly feel happier—and after she does your hair you feel beautiful inside and out.

Elle, a native Texan, is a mom of two beautiful souls that sometimes drive her crazy (teenagers am I right?) but she loves beyond belief. Ever since beginning her dream job she’s made it her mission to help her guests feel amazing when they look in the mirror and have that confidence exude into their personality.

She puts all her love and positive energy into each guest and makes sure to listen closely to each of their needs and concerns. Elle believes that a hairstylist and guest must collaborate, so that, along with her expertise, create your signature look. While she’ll give you an amazing cut with her clippers, or balayage the perfect hue, her great love is working with extensions; she’s certified in several techniques.

She claims she’s ‘secretly weird’ but once you spend some time with Elle you realize that her charming goofiness is fully on display, and fully endearing. Though oddly awkward, she loves brightening up someone’s day and genuinely cares about every person she meets. To keep up her energy, she is a workout fanatic, along with her son going for a morning run with her dogs is a must, and to unwind she’ll read some non-fiction or listen to a podcast on self-betterment.

Elle invites you to her chair where you’ll be surrounded by positive energy and your new look will be customized to meet your needs. You can see Elle’s latest work on her Instagram @greenappelle.