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Haircut & Styles

Cut & Style
Lvl 139
Lvl 244
Lvl 349
Lvl 454
Lvl 559
Lvl 664
Men's Haircut
Lvl 124
Lvl 229
Lvl 334
Lvl 439
Lvl 544
Lvl 649
Child's Haircut <12
Lvl 124
Lvl 229
Lvl 334
Lvl 439
Lvl 544
Lvl 649
Fringe Trim
Lvl 111
Lvl 211
Lvl 311
Lvl 411
Lvl 511
Lvl 611
Beard Trim
Lvl 111
Lvl 211
Lvl 311
Lvl 411
Lvl 511
Lvl 611
Special Occasion
Lvl 165
Lvl 265
Lvl 365
Lvl 465
Lvl 565
Lvl 665
Iron Work
Lvl 111
Lvl 211
Lvl 311
Lvl 411
Lvl 511
Lvl 611
Shampoo Blowdry
Lvl 124
Lvl 229
Lvl 334
Lvl 439
Lvl 544
Lvl 649
Botanical Treatment
Lvl 125
Lvl 225
Lvl 325
Lvl 425
Lvl 525
Lvl 625
B3 Treatment
Lvl 135
Lvl 235
Lvl 335
Lvl 435
Lvl 535
Lvl 635
B3 Add to Color
Lvl 115
Lvl 215
Lvl 315
Lvl 415
Lvl 515
Lvl 615
Lvl 1Lvl 2Lvl 3Lvl 4Lvl 5Lvl 6
Cut & Style394449545964
Men's Haircut242934394449
Child's Haircut <12242934394449
Fringe Trim111111111111
Beard Trim111111111111
Special Occasion656565656565
Iron Work111111111111
Shampoo Blowdry242934394449
Botanical Treatment252525252525
B3 Treatment353535353535
B3 Add to Color151515151515


Color up to 60 Grams
Lvl 159
Lvl 264
Lvl 369
Lvl 474
Lvl 579
Lvl 684
Additional Color Bowl
Lvl 120
Lvl 220
Lvl 320
Lvl 420
Lvl 520
Lvl 620
Corrective Color per Hour
Lvl 1150
Lvl 2150
Lvl 3150
Lvl 4150
Lvl 5150
Lvl 6150
Partial Foils 11-30
Lvl 169
Lvl 274
Lvl 379
Lvl 484
Lvl 589
Lvl 694
Full Foils 31+
Lvl 189
Lvl 294
Lvl 399
Lvl 4104
Lvl 5109
Lvl 6114
Per Foil
Lvl 19
Lvl 29
Lvl 39
Lvl 49
Lvl 59
Lvl 69
Partial Balayage / Ombré
Lvl 189
Lvl 294
Lvl 399
Lvl 4104
Lvl 5109
Lvl 6114
Full Balayage / Ombré
Lvl 1109
Lvl 2114
Lvl 3119
Lvl 4124
Lvl 5129
Lvl 6134
Men's Grey Blending
Lvl 134
Lvl 239
Lvl 344
Lvl 449
Lvl 554
Lvl 659
Toner / Gloss
Lvl 140
Lvl 240
Lvl 340
Lvl 440
Lvl 540
Lvl 640
Lvl 1Lvl 2Lvl 3Lvl 4Lvl 5Lvl 6
Color up to 60 Grams596469747984
Additional Color Bowl202020202020
Corrective Color per Hour150150150150150150
Partial Foils 11-30697479848994
Full Foils 31+899499104109114
Per Foil999999
Partial Balayage / Ombré899499104109114
Full Balayage / Ombré109114119124129134
Men's Grey Blending343944495459
Toner / Gloss404040404040


Full Perm 31+ Rods
Lvl 189
Lvl 294
Lvl 399
Lvl 4104
Lvl 5109
Lvl 6114
GK Blowout
Lvl 1275
Lvl 2275
Lvl 3275
Lvl 4275
Lvl 5275
Lvl 6275
Brazilian Blowout
Lvl 1225
Lvl 2225
Lvl 3225
Lvl 4225
Lvl 5225
Lvl 6225
Brazilian Split End Repair
Lvl 199
Lvl 299
Lvl 399
Lvl 499
Lvl 599
Lvl 699
Lvl 1Lvl 2Lvl 3Lvl 4Lvl 5Lvl 6
Full Perm 31+ Rods899499104109114
GK Blowout275275275275275275
Brazilian Blowout225225225225225225
Brazilian Split End Repair999999999999

VoMor™ Hair Extensions

VoMor™ Hair ExtensionsPrices upon consultation


Today, both men and women want to look younger with clear and clean looking skin.

We’re committed to ensuring you have a great experience at Green Apple Salon. Each of our certified estheticians will do their best to make you as comfortable as possible and give you any required information about your waxing experience. Whether you’re a wax virgin or a veteran addict to smooth and hair-free skin, our high-quality products and friendly staff will prove why we’re Houston’s number one in waxing. Come feel the difference!

Facial Hair Removal

Full Face50
women only

What to do to prepare for your waxing session:

For most areas, your hair should be between 1/4 to 1/2 an inch long so that the wax can effectively grab the hair. A gentle exfoliator about 24 hours prior to your waxing session can help the hair hidden underneath the skin to surface for the most effective wax. RELAX, and let our professional estheticians ensure you’re as comfortable as possible and have a great waxing experience.

What NOT to do before your waxing session:

Performing activities that will elevate your heart rate and thin your blood. This can make your skin more sensitive and result in a more painful waxing process. Try to avoid cardio/exercising, drinking alcohol, aspirin and anything else that may affect the process.

Avoid excess sun exposure or tanning beds at least 24-48 hours prior to your waxing session. Because waxing exfoliates the skin by removing the top layer of dead surface cells, heavy sun exposure will make your skin more sensitive and irritable and could cause sunburn.


About Aveda Makeup

Aveda’s products are grown from a simple premise – that what you put on your body should be as healthy and natural as what you’d put into it.

That’s why we use plant-derived ingredients, organically-grown whenever possible, with the active energy of plants and their natural ability to soothe, invigorate and refresh. That’s something no synthetic can imitate.

Experience personalized service from a professional makeup artist. Let our trained staff teach you application techniques, color choices and feature enhancements. Or sit back and relax as they prepare a customized look for a special occasion.

In-Salon Makeup Services

30 minutes
On-Site Servicescall for pricing


Green Apple Salon offers bridal party packages at the salon as well as on-location bridal services. Our bridal packages are customized for each individual bride and bridal party. We also offer trial run services for bridal hair, bridal makeup and waxing services.

For more information about our bridal services, please contact us at 281.837.7702.