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Cut & Style

DesignerSenior DesignerMaster Designer

Our signature haircuts start with a consultation and relaxing shampoo and scalp massage. Our haircuts are always finished with a blow-dry style so that we may complete the haircut with a dry-cutting session if needed.

Women’s Dry Haircut (Short)25+35+45+
Women’s Dry Haircut (Medium)30+40+47+
Women’s Dry Haircut (Long)35+45+55+
Women’s Haircut & Blow Dry (Short)35+50+57+
Women’s Haircut & Blow Dry (Medium)40+55+62+
Women’s Haircut & Blow Dry (Long)50+65+70+
Fringe / Bangs8+8+8+

Professional Blow Dry

DesignerSenior DesignerMaster Designer
Shampoo & Blowout (Short)27+32+37+
Shampoo & Blowout (Medium)37+42+47+
Shampoo & Blowout (Long)47+52+57+


DesignerSenior DesignerMaster Designer
Partial Balayage/Ombré85+95+100+
Full Balayage/Ombré125+135+150+
Partial Balayage/Ombré + Full Color162+172+200+
Full Balayage/Ombré + Full Color202+212+225+

Balayage is a hair coloring technique designed to create natural-looking highlights with a sun-kissed glow.


DesignerSenior DesignerMaster Designer
Full Foil Highlights100+125+147+
Partial Foil Highlights65+70+77+
Mini Partial Foil Highlights50+55+60+

Creative Aveda Color

DesignerSenior DesignerMaster Designer
Full Color (Short)70+75+77+
Full Color (Medium)75+80+87+
Full Color (Long)80+85+97+
Full Color (Extra Long)85+95+108+
Retouch & Refresh65+70+75+

Add Texture

DesignerSenior DesignerMaster Designer
Texture Waves95+110+130+


DesignerSenior DesignerMaster Designer
Men’s Classic Cut & Style21+25+29+

Men’s Color

DesignerSenior DesignerMaster Designer
Gray Blending47+47+47+
Men's Highlights45+50+55+

Corrective Hair Color

Corrective Hair Color
Due to the nature of corrective color, several steps and visits may be necessary. The service is priced upon consultation and utilizes the HeadMapping® Color Menu for pricing. A standalone consultation appointment is required prior to any service being performed.

VoMor™ Hair Extensions

VoMor™ Hair Extensions
Prices upon consultation

Hair Treatments

*Pricing subject to usage.

Botanical Hair Therapy25+
Pramāsana™ Treatment25+
Olaplex / B3 Treatment35+
Brazilian Demi Conditioner35+

Smoothing Treatments

*Based on length of hair

Brazilian Blowout225+*
Brazilian Blowout Split End Repair99+*
Global Keratin Juvexin Hair Taming System275+*


Today, both men and women want to look younger with clear and clean looking skin.

We’re committed to ensuring you have a great experience at Green Apple Salon. Each of our certified estheticians will do their best to make you as comfortable as possible and give you any required information about your waxing experience. Whether you’re a wax virgin or a veteran addict to smooth and hair-free skin, our high-quality products and friendly staff will prove why we’re Houston’s number one in waxing. Come feel the difference!

Facial Hair Removal

Full Face50
women only

For Her

You’ll love your new fresh, refined look and enjoy hairless, smooth skin during bikini season and all year round.

Full Arm50+
Half Arm30+
Full Leg70+
Half Leg45+

Prices will be adjusted according to time and work demand.

For Him

Tall, dark and hairy? Man-scaping is our forte, and we’ll have you sporting a well-groomed, polished look in no time!

Full Arm60+
Half Arm35+
Full Leg85+
Lower Back35+
Gluteus Wax30+
Full Back75+
Chest Wax85+
chest, shoulders and stomach

What to do to prepare for your waxing session:

For most areas, your hair should be between 1/4 to 1/2 an inch long so that the wax can effectively grab the hair. A gentle exfoliator about 24 hours prior to your waxing session can help the hair hidden underneath the skin to surface for the most effective wax. RELAX, and let our professional estheticians ensure you’re as comfortable as possible and have a great waxing experience.

What NOT to do before your waxing session:

Performing activities that will elevate your heart rate and thin your blood. This can make your skin more sensitive and result in a more painful waxing process. Try to avoid cardio/exercising, drinking alcohol, aspirin and anything else that may affect the process.

Avoid excess sun exposure or tanning beds at least 24-48 hours prior to your waxing session. Because waxing exfoliates the skin by removing the top layer of dead surface cells, heavy sun exposure will make your skin more sensitive and irritable and could cause sunburn.


About Aveda Makeup

Aveda’s products are grown from a simple premise – that what you put on your body should be as healthy and natural as what you’d put into it.

That’s why we use plant-derived ingredients, organically-grown whenever possible, with the active energy of plants and their natural ability to soothe, invigorate and refresh. That’s something no synthetic can imitate.

Experience personalized service from a professional makeup artist. Let our trained staff teach you application techniques, color choices and feature enhancements. Or sit back and relax as they prepare a customized look for a special occasion.

In-Salon Makeup Services

30 minutes
On-Site Servicescall for pricing


Green Apple Salon offers bridal party packages at the salon as well as on-location bridal services. Our bridal packages are customized for each individual bride and bridal party. We also offer trial run services for bridal hair, bridal makeup and waxing services.

For more information about our bridal services, please contact us at 281.837.7702.